Slave Dwelling Project Comes To Fauquier County


August 25 - 10:00 am


August 26 - 07:00 am


The Clifton Institute

6712 Blantyre Road

Warrenton, VA, USA, 20187

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On Saturday, August 25th through Sunday, August 26th, The Slave Dwelling Project comes to Fauquier. The day starts off at the Afro-American Historical Museum (AAHA) in The Plains with a lecture by Joseph McGill, founder of The Slave Dwelling Project. Mr. McGill will be introduced by Dr. Kelley Deetz, Director of Programming, Education, and Visitor Engagement at Stratford Hall.

During the day three historic Fauquier sites will be open to the public for tours and demonstrations. By visiting slave cabins at Sky Meadows, Weston Farmstead, and Clifton Institute you will learn how enslaved persons lived. You will have an opportunity to see a meal cooked over an open fire, watch a blacksmith at work, converse with enslaved person re-enactors, participate in hands-on archaeology, enjoy dinner with neighbors, spend the night in a slave cabin and wake up to a sunrise service on Sunday morning.

Joe McGill will be on hand to help participants become aware of our Fauquier County slave dwellings and the importance of preserving them. He has traveled and slept in slave cabins from as far north as Ft. Snelling in St. Paul, MN to as far south as Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, FL. He has reached over ninety historical sites in over eighteen states, giving lectures, conducting programs and sleeping in the dwellings.

He says, “Now that I have the attention of the public by sleeping in extant slave dwellings, it is time to wake up and deliver the message that the people who lived in these structures were not a footnote in American history.”

There is limited space for the morning lecture at AAHA in The Plains and dinner, campfire and overnight at Clifton Institute in Warrenton. To register on-line for those programs click here. No registration is required for the daytime interactive public history programs at Sky Meadows, Weston Farmstead and Clifton Institute. Weston will also be hosting their annual Family Fun Day with children’s games.