The Afro American Historical Association of Fauquier County (AAHA) owes its birth to two daughters of Fauquier County named Karen. Our beautiful county is the birthplace of at least eight consecutive generations of Karen Hughes White’s family. Karen King Lavore, though not born in Fauquier, also traces her family roots from the fine soil of this great county.


In 1992, when AAHA launched her maiden voyage at the Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, Morgantown, Virginia, she was sailing in familiar waters; the ancestors of Mrs. White and Mrs. Lavore found refuge and religion in this local congregation.


AAHA is an organization designed for the purpose of teaching a complete and accurate history of the United States by including the influences of African Americans, Native Americans of both North and South America, and European Americans. Though our base is in Fauquier County, we have not limited our holdings and interests in this area. Our library houses books that include European and American classics, U.S. history, texts about Native Americans and African-Americans. The merging of these peoples has led to the creation of a rich American mosaic. Our primary goal is to document the African experience in and upon our America and America’s interaction with the Africans. Our view of history is uniquely American – a culture of many colors. We teach this history in a non-biased approach that includes all ethnic and cultural groups.


Our mission includes the creation of a network for persons with similar interest by making available to those interested in local history and tracing their family roots. AAHA promotes and publishes scholarly research. The facility is open to the public for tours, research, and study. This Resource Center houses a museum, reference, and research library pertaining to the African American way of life. Avenues to locate and support the preservation and restoration of historic landmarks relative to the African American Culture in Fauquier County, Virginia, is of high priority. Cultural events and educational seminars are held throughout the year.

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