To educate all, in the African-American experience, while striving to create unity and build self-esteem, through programs, classes, workshops, and field trips.

To create a network for people with similar interests by making records available to those interested in local history and tracing their family roots.

To pursue grants and other income that will enable the Association to enlarge and maintain its collection safely. This shall include, but not be limited to, grants for the use of modern technology, including computers, CD ROMs, and print media, to pursue historical and genealogical research, document and photographic preservation, and historic preservation.

To work closely with area Historical and Genealogical Societies and area Libraries and record repositories.


To foster the historical and genealogical heritage of Afro-Americans in Fauquier County, Virginia, by research, restoration and preservation.

To make known places, structures, scenic views, events, family ancestry and other information as it pertains to the historic and cultural value to Fauquier County, Virginia.

To catalogue, index, and display in a professional manner the historical collection and holdings of the
Afro-American Historical Association.


To promote and publish scholarly research.

To maintain a research facility to house artifacts, books, and memorabilia pertaining to African American life.

To preserve and restore historic landmarks relative to African American culture in Fauquier County and The Commonwealth of Virginia.

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